Ren's House Curriculum

The curriculum at Ren's House is theme based. The themes are of high interest to young children such as; frogs, egg hatching, butterflies, transportation, bakery, fairy tales, hibernation, rain, heart health, dental health, scarecrows, growing/gardening, and many more. Monthly themes are enhanced with field trips, theme related snacks, and theme related learning activities. A month long theme based curriculum allows children to become fully engaged and thoroughly explore each topic.

Curriculum planning involves careful consideration of the individual developmental needs and skill levels of the children. Learning objectives are based on the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning and the Milestones of Child Development. Ren's House provides a seamless transition to kindergarten by being a member of the Shenandoah Valley Smart Beginnings and working closely with local school divisions incorporating the regional transition to kindergarten plan.

Daily Schedule

7:30am-8:15am Breakfast
8:30am Potty Break/Diapers
8:45am Morning Meeting
9:00am Center Time/Small Group/Snack
10:30am Clean-up
10:40am Circle Time
11:00am Potty Break/Diapers/ Coats and Shoes On
11:15am Outdoor Time
12:00pm Educational Video Time/Lunch Prep
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Quiet Reading/Potty Break/Lunch Clean-up
1:15pm Story Time
1:30pm Nap Time
3:15pm Wake-up/Rest Mat Away/Potty/Diapers
3:30pm Snack
4:00pm Outdoor or Classroom Time
5:30pm Closing Time

This is a typical daily schedule and it can change due to variables such as; age of group, daylight savings time, field trips/special events, and weather.