Ren's House Classroom

When you enter Ren's House's classroom, you enter a magical learning environment for children that is based on best practice and current research. Ren’s House creates a caring community of learners by providing opportunities for children to work and play together thus establishing positive, constructive relationships with each other. Curriculum is planned to achieve important goals, using appropriate methods to assess children’s development and learning. Goals and experiences are matched to the children’s learning and development and are challenging enough to promote their progress and interest. This developmentally appropriate classroom consists of indoor and outdoor environments that are high quality, interactive and well-planned.

Indoor Learning Environment

The indoor classroom provides multiple educational opportunities that enhance cognitive and social emotional development. A variety of interactive, hands-on learning centers can be found in the indoor environment that meet children where they are and help them reach goals that are both challenging and achievable.  Children are assisted in making sense of their world through the many centers in the indoor classroom. These include: block, woodworking, art, sensory, dramatic play, music, manipulative, science, reading, writing, quiet corner, and snack.

Outdoor Learning Environment

Gross motor development happens on the swings, riding toys, and in the large fenced playground. Fine motor, sensory development, critical thinking and problem solving are enhanced in the large sandbox (complete with a pulley system), block center, and at the water discovery table. The mud kitchen and wooden tree horses encourage dramatic play and helps develop social skills. The curiosity of little scientists is peaked in the butterfly garden, bird feeding station, composting site, garden boxes, and with the many "loose parts" provided for exploration. The music wall promotes an appreciation for music and allows the inner composer to emerge.  All of these wondrous experiences can be captured by the children in the outdoor art center.