February Nicaragua Project

   Identifying the needs of other people by helping them is an objective found in the History and Social Science section of the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning. Each year, the children at Ren’s House participate in a fundraising project to raise money to build a house for a deserving family in Nicaragua. The children brainstorm ways that they can earn money like doing additional chores at home or odd jobs around the neighborhood with their family. The money they raise is given to local college students who travel to Nicaragua to build houses. These funds are used to purchase bricks for the house. Through this process, the children are learning the importance of helping others.

  This year during the month of February, the children worked to earn money for the annual Nicaragua project. They took the project very seriously and earned $311. Even parents got on board with the fundraising efforts, they sold barbecue sandwiches to earn an additional $525.  Through your efforts, you have helped make a difference for a family in Nicaragua!